April 4, 2012

Enjoy the most important videos on Twitter with TwitTV

By admin

Twitter is not only a place to express our opinions, but also to share material interesting, though the videos one of the favorite contents of users.

Twitter with TwitTV

The most popular videos, receive a series of mentions and retweets. If you want to know what are setting trends, visit the site TwitTV, bringing together those videos that are being trend in microblogging network.

TwitTV is a portal where real-time video belonging to the trending topics of the social network, i.e. those topics who receive most number of mentions in real time.

So you can scroll through video to video and discovering really interesting things. Its interface, which resembles a television screen, not only allows us to see the videos, but that messages where shared them.

At first, TwitTV shows you the trending topics worldwide, but you can fit the country or city where you are, for more personalized content.

TwitTV teaches you the videos in a high quality and large size, which makes it attractive to the time to explore and see what people think worthy of being shared and is a recommended site for all lovers of microblogging.

You can directly access TwitTV, no matter if you have a Twitter account, total, all tasted of being informed and what better way to do it, seeing what is happening for yourself.