August 9, 2012

Filtered more than 50 thousand passwords of Twitter

By admin

Being one of the major social network has its benefits and, in turn, its consequences. Twitter, suffered an intrusion into its system, which ended with the leak of passwords for a large number of users.

twitter password leak

More than 55 thousand members of the microblogging social network, were affected by the online publication of their Twitter passwords, which are to view and patience of everyone on the Internet, accompanied by their user name and email address.

While the affected accounts with more than 55 thousand, many of them correspond to Spam or are duplicated, so that the people who are really affected to reach 20 thousand, a number not less.

Twitter, recommended to the affected one changes their passwords. In Internet the affected accounts are visible. If you were affected, we recommend you not only change your password on Twitter, but also in other services to use the same password. It is important to be changing our passwords periodically, to avoid problems.

From Twitter, still do not give an explanation for the serious leakage of sensitive information, especially in times where nearly all our life is exposed in social networks.