August 11, 2012

Web applications to share music on Twitter

By admin

There are many music services that enable us to share the theme that we are listening with our friends in social networks. Especially services of large music. But other services, smaller and of course more basic that we can use only to carry out that task.

share music on Twitter

Here are 3 of such services that help them to share their favorite topic with their followers on Twitter:
Searches for music in an audio library and use your links to MP3, Youtube or Soundcloud. Also from your Twitter page generates a special page for the user and from there to share tweets with your followers.

Service using Grooveshark and that does not need that they get connected with your credentials of Twitter. One looking for a song and the service gets the topic link in Grooveshark, which one can share with their followers.
After connecting to Twitter from the page of, with a few clicks can begin sharing your music and playlists. The tweets will carry the hashtag #nowplaying.