August 13, 2012

Twimfeed: Photos of the people you follow on Twitter in one place

By admin

Twimfeed is a web application that allows you to see the photos sent by the people who follow you in Twitter.


It’s no big deal visually speaking, but it is very useful and works by accessing and taking photographs of several of the most important imaging services that are used in Twitter, and it seems that in the near future will continue adding services.

Each one of those pictures has the user name, the date it was posted to Twitter, the service that hosts the image, the text of the tweet. It also allows us to comment and give Like (Like) via a plugin Disqus.

To access only connects to Twitter with your credentials and authorize the application. Once done, we automatically move to the page with all the images.

When you click on a photo, it is presented in a lightbox so you can see it in larger size.

It is simple, easy and very useful, up to follow Twitter in a different way, especially for those who are interested in photography and as a final point, offers us the possibility of sending tweets.