Find Jobs from Twitter with twiCVer

Twitter Tools and Apps

twiCVer is an online tool with which you can send your resume via Twitter. With the original application is a person who applies, the candidate will have the chance to seek work from Twitter.


In addition, recruiters can search for a profile that suits your needs and contact you in a dynamic environment, and social, as offered by the social network of 140 characters. The premise of twiCVer is that the applicant uses only 10 tweets to explain his CV, i.e. that is short, concise and go to important (no laps).

The advantage for recruiters is that they have at disposal a tool that will allow them to read more CVs, follow profiles of potential candidates, filter information and provide a base of high quality information.

To start looking for work from the Twitter platform, you must be accredited with the social network data, to authorize the application and load the data to create an account.

So simple, so useful.


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