September 26, 2012

Hashonomy: service marks through Twitter

By admin

Hashonomy is a social bookmarking service via Twitter that allows us to make connections, discover hashtags, sources, and links people who are setting trends in Twitter.


To use the service just have to check through our twitter account and do not need to install anything. Once we do that, it automatically searches for links sent in our tweets and tags to see them then.

Adding a hashtag to our links in the tweets, it allows us to have sorted those links according to topics.

When it does show our links with an introduction, number of tweets and each of the tweets that have that link, it also includes the source and hashtags.

It also allows us to send links to Twitter through a button called Tweet a Link.

Finally, according to the hashtags that we use in our tweets, the service makes us recommendations of links, sources and users of Twitter.