September 28, 2012

Spot: interactive tool to visualize the activity of any term in Twitter

By admin

Spot is an interactive online tool to create visualizations of Twitter in real time from any term. The displays are composed of particles, each of which represents a tweet and called spots.

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These particles have various organizational forms to display the information of the term we are seeing. The tool displays the last 200 tweets, and when it displays the visualizations, the URL will change and be transformed into unique, if we want to see it in the future or share it with our contacts.

Each time you click on a particle shows that composes the tweet.

The organizations of particles are 6 and show the following:

  • Groups of tweets that share common words
  • Timeline with tweets
  • Users that more tweets
  • Words that are used more
  • That client or service used to send the tweets
  • Groups who sent similar tweets.