July 21, 2012

How to find fake photos on Facebook and Twitter

By admin

Anonymity on the Internet gives vent to anyone who wants to use a false identity, whether to commit a cyber-crime or just for fun. If distrust any contact of your social networks, you can check it very simply, if their photos are true or false. You only need the Google images search.

find fake photos

Do you want to verify the identity of a friend? We teach you how to do it through their profile. Enter the biography of Facebook or Twitter account you want to check, select the profile image and save it on your computer

Now, open Google, select Images, from the top menu. You’ll see that next to the search field appears a small icon of a camera, click on it.

This opens a small window where you have two options: Paste a url (which only serves to public photos, something that many avoid in social networks) and upload an image. Click on the latter option, then click the Browse button and find the picture you saved on your computer.

Usually, Google will display all sites where this image appears. If the photo is true of the person that you have as a contact, always appear linked to the same name. If on the contrary, it is advertising or a photo taken from the web, the image will be in different places and with different names.