July 23, 2012

Tricks to maximize the new search system of Twitter

By admin

The social network of microblogging is constantly evolving and from Twitter, just makes a number of changes to its search engine, which now is more complete and intuitive.

twitter search

The Twitter search became more social and global. So not only we will be able to search for users or hashtags, but also news who have interested in our followers or people that we are follows. Here, we bring you some tips to make the most, as these developments.

Search people or topics: With auto-complete feature, this allows you to start typing the name of the person you want to find and the system will automatically suggested results based on relevance, in addition to the issues that are related to them.

Correction of words: If you search any term, but do not know how to spell, try to do it as similar as possible. Twitter will show results considering the correct spelling. Before, if you were a mistake, do not showing anything. It is similar to Google.

Related Searches: If you are interested in a topic, look for anything that might refer to it and Twitter, in addition to show you specific results, will show you related terms that you can use to access more information.

Search by real names and user names: There are people who use a nickname on Twitter, so it is difficult to find. Now, you can write their real name and Twitter will find their account, regardless of the nickname they use.

Results based on the people you follow: Twitter, now delivers personalized results based on what they have posted or shared the users you follow, making it more beautiful results.