October 17, 2011

Image gallery for Twitter

By admin

Interface Twitter always been differentiated from all other social networks, by its simplicity and easy to use user’s court. With only room for 140 characters, users must be very creative to express everything in a brief and effective.

twitter image gallery

Twitter was gradually including new services and possibilities within the network, and although few elements can be customized, you can manipulate to create their own personal look.

Twitter incorporated into their services a gallery of images which is located at the bottom of the tweets that are posted. This gallery will have the Uploaded images directly to the network or the user may choose to connect to the network profile pictures as yFrog, TwitPic, Instagram or Photobucket.

This new feature of Twitter is available only for the web version and not for cell phones, although probably already are working on the platform of Tweetdeck. Within the gallery will the last 100 photos uploaded to the network but can not see Videos.