October 14, 2011

Twitter allows you to send direct messages to verified accounts

By admin

The famous, located on Twitter the opportunity to establish contact with their fans and to show that they themselves and not an impostor, there is verification of accounts, a process through which Twitter guarantee the accuracy of an account.

twitter verified account

Before, it was not possible send direct messages to verified accounts but now Twitter enabled this option, allowing anyone, regardless of whether continue you or not, send such messages to those who have their verified account.

With this step, the communication between famous people and his followers and, more important, companies and customers, will be made easier, avoiding having to make all kinds of maneuvers before being heard, although we imagine that the amount of spam that will receive every day will be tremendous.

Apparently, verified users can configure their accounts to enable or disable receiving direct messages from people who they do not follow, but nothing to lose now try and send these messages to your idols or the company that you have had enough.