October 10, 2011

Twitter integrates Apple devices with the new iOS 5

By admin

Imagine uploading a photo to Twitter, only to take it with your iPhone camera or share any page for which you are browsing from your iPad with a single touch. Very soon, this will be possible.

twitter for ios 5

It is that the microblogging network, is fully integrated to iOS 5, the new version of operating system used by Apple gadgets and that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the tweeters.

Now, just simply log in once with your Twitter credentials, to enjoy the interaction tools to be disposed within the native apps iOS 5, without installing anything extra.

Among the new possibilities, published directly maps to your location, photos almost instantly, links to sites you are visiting and, of course, 140 character messages quickly and very direct.

In addition, you can now able to add the Twitter of your friends inside your contacts of the iPhone or iPod Touch, making it easier to list them or send them direct messages.

If you are someone who likes to geolocation tools, you can use the functions of the GPS, or AGPS mobile devices, to add it in each publication that you do on Twitter.