October 29, 2012

In Followfriday.com we can make reviews of users!

By admin

As everyone knows the hashtag #followfriday allow us to recommend to people who believe they are good users of Twitter. Often it is used badly, since many do RT, and do not know well who they recommend and in many cases without following them.


I must admit that some opportunity I had a chance to enter the key a little easier and I did, but I try not to do so. I believe that we must be more aware when we recommend someone and do not only to look good, if not, do so because they feel it and if someone feels offended some Friday, it is not our problem. We must care for Twitter, as it is a very good service and a tool like few.

But it’s like that FF was missing something, and that 140 characters is too little and that’s where people thought FollowFriday.com and launched this new feature that allows us to do a review of the users we recommend.

The review is easy, just visit the profile of users recommend and answer the question “Why should I follow @ user?” And they can see in the in the image of the beginning.

To counter spam or offenses or destructive criticism, have an option that says “Was this review helpful?”, with which not only can give feedback to other users, but also to the administrators to take action on the matter.