October 12, 2012

Interesting tricks for the web version of Twitter

By admin

More and more the people who decide to join Twitter, a different social network where the important thing is to convey quality content in only 140 characters, which seems difficult, but with practice it becomes challenging and fun.

twitter tricks

There are a number of platforms from which to use the micro-blogging network, being the most popular place. So today we bring you some tricks to get the web version of Twitter.

Finding out information about a user
Instead of making multiple clicks or go to the profile page of a user, we can find out personal information by writing:

Latest Tweet from a user
Across the following command, you can see on the screen what did the last message left by certain user, saving yourself have to go through your timeline to find it:

Mark a tweet as favorite
To mark the last tweet of a user as a favorite, write:

Twitter is a social network that still has much more to give. Recently changed its design to make it more visual, and improve their mobile apps, showing that the network of the blue bird has flying for a while.