December 24, 2011

More popular technology topics on Twitter in 2011

By admin

In the topic technology during this year 2011 were various items that had great relevance on Twitter, it is apparent from a selection from social networks like Twitter where we first find it all in reference to the Mac App Store, precisely because be the digital distribution platform for Mac that is updated on a frequent basis to purchase, download and install applications.

twitter technology

The second most important issue this year is related to the console Sony NGP, thirdly we find Guitar Hero, one of the most popular games and even already part of this generation of video game enthusiasts.

Another issue is also very relevant to the Mozilla Firefox browser with each update was placed as an item of interest in Twitter, another issue is precisely the game Duke Nukem Forever released for Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.8, iPad is also another popular topics in this network and is ranked number six of these issues, another issue also remains popular in other social networks and precisely this is the iPhone, in eighth place is the Nintendo 3DS whose main feature is that you can play stereoscopic 3D images without using glasses and finally there is the Apple iPod.