December 26, 2011

Most popular news on Twitter in 2011

By admin

Significant news on Twitter during 2011 include various topics of global significance, including the news we can find a list that begins with the news of the resignation of Mubarak, an issue that had many mentions on Twitter mainly.

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Secondly we can find other news also very relevant in American union but also at the international level and was precisely the assault to the complex of Osama bin Laden, and various comments on this news, then you can find news about meteorological phenomena such as the earthquake in Japan.

Other news also obtained great importance above all on Twitter was the case of the attack on Gabrielle Giffords Democrat Congressman from Arizona, no doubt a notice that reached great notoriety both electronic media and television media as in this case in social networks, also had great repercussions on Twitter the news of the death of Gaddafi, a story that also occupy one of the places among the top news stories worldwide and finally found the news of the swine fever epidemic and various news around this subject.