September 9, 2012

More than 1.4% of Twitter users shows antisocial tendencies

By admin

Interestingly, social networks are so called because they serve to communicate with others, generating virtual ties but, behind a screen is another reality.

twitter antisocial tendencies

A study in England found that 1.4% of Twitter users showed some form of antisocial behavior, which range from narcissism to psychopathy, to other disorders.

To do this, a group of scientists analyzed more than 3 million tweets users belonging to 80 countries, looking for a series of variables that give clues about the personality of their authors.

In the study, a robot analyzed the tweets searching for certain keywords and writing style, following a line of psychology that allows determining the personality according to the form of written expression.

Thus, determined that more than 1% of the tweeters analyzed, showed some psychotic personality type. The results are quite inconclusive, since the language used on Twitter, is very different from real life.

In addition, the robots are unable to recognize irony and sarcasm, so the study has little scientific validity.

In any case, serves to realize that everything we say in the micro-blogging social network can be used against us and therefore it is necessary to take care of our virtual image.