October 4, 2012

Retweet helps you understand the effectiveness of your tweets

By admin

Retweet is an application that helps you to understand the effectiveness of your tweets.


With this online application you can learn the following:

  • How many RT will make each one of your tweets
  • How many users reach each of your tweets
  • List of most RT tweets
  • List of users that make them more RT.

we just connect to our Twitter account from the same account of Retweet, authorize the application and ready.

The first thing we will see is the amount of RT for each tweet, starting with the last one we sent. By clicking the arrow that has each of the tweets, it shows us the tweet and tells us how many times RT of it already many users reached became.

Then from there we can go to the top retweets, where we show a list of more RT tweet.

Finally we can see the list of users to make them more RT’s.

Retweet(retweet.co.uk) is an interesting tool that while not giving us too much information, gives us the necessary information as to analyze the performance and range of our tweets.