November 20, 2012

Spiggler: Web application that shows you the tweets in a particular locality

By admin

Spiggler is a web application that allows them to see in a Google map, the tweets that are publishing from the locality in which they are or in another city.

tweet location

It is very interesting because it is showing the exact location from where the tweet was made and while it shows all that is published, it depends if users have enabled location, we can provide a lot of help.

I say that it is interesting because for instance we can know what the trend in certain city is or what is being talked about in a given event.

When we entered ask us if we permitted to use our geographic location and if we do, we will mark directly on the map where on around us are being published tweets and are being posted in the sidebar to the right of the map is showing the text of those tweets.

In this column we can also see the check-in of our friends on Facebook and FourSquare.