November 30, 2012

Tools to find out who has stopped following you on Twitter

By admin

Twitter is a way to meet people with similar interests as yours. It is basically a place where you must establish a balance between updates, gain followers and understanding of the methodology and the importance of this social network.

monitor unfollow

As much as attracting followers by the importance, not yours, than shares in Twitter, it is equally important to know who has stopped doing so. That will allow you to take corrective action when deciding what and how to share information.

Several non-native Twitter applications that allow you to be notified when someone decides to crush his followers ‘unfollow’. Here are the best free tools to monitor unfollow.

Qwitter: Receive at least once a day in your e-mail notifications of who has stopped following you. A service with 30 days to try it and then charged as a premium service.

Unfollowr: The requirement is to follow @unfollowr. You will be notified via email on the direct messages (DM) of Twitter to the list of those who no longer want to see your updates.

Goodbye Buddy: You also need to follow @goodbyebuddy. And you should wait a day or two before you start analyzing the statistics.

TwUnfollow: A service similar to the above but you need to enter your Twitter account. Monitor your followers 4 or 5 times a day.

Chirpstats: Statistics on the basis that form your followers. Watch and learn about who decided to follow you. This service used to be called Twitterless.

TwitDiff: Excellent for working with large fan base. No API exhaustion. Notifications either by e-mail or RSS.