April 19, 2009

Tweetree: A Better Way to View Your Twitter Stream

By admin

There are many ways to use Twitter. You can use the standard web interface or a desktop Twitter client like twhirl or tweetdeck. And then there is another way, web interfaces which add an extra layer of features not found on the default Twitter site.

Tweetree is one of them. You log into Tweetree just like you would at Twitter.com and use Twitter from there. What are the benefits using Tweetree, you might ask?

  1. Indented Messages. You can get a better context of what’s going on because you see the posts people are replying to.
  2. Long URLS. Don’t like not knowing where a short URL points to? Tweetree lengthens the url and displays the full url so you’ll never have to click on a link without knowing where you leads to.
  3. Streaming media. Twitpic, youtube videos and other content providers like Qik are all streamed directly on the same page. Which means you won’t even have to click to go check out that video on Youtube. You can view it immediately after reading the tweet.

Now if they could add the option of managing multiple Twitter accounts, Tweetree could be even better. But at the moment, its a great way to use Twitter so try it if you haven’t already!