March 9, 2013

Twitlet: Update Twitter from any browser

By admin

I’m addicted to bookmarklets, I admit. And if they are useful, even more. Like this one, which allows the user to use update your Twitter account quickly, for any browser, without distractions.


The bookmarklet is called Twitlet, and its operation is extremely simple. To make it work, simply we click, and in the window (which is generated using JavaScript, thus ensuring compatibility between the vast majority of the existing browsers) that appears, write the update, and press the return button, also called Intro.

However, before we go through the Web, to enter our username and password, and generate our bookmarklet. We can even add the link of the Web that we are visiting, simply inserting in message #this or #link

Without doubt it is a simple functionality, quick, easy and implemented brilliantly; do not understand how someone has not been created before that. Compatible with any browser on any operating system and by having there.