May 16, 2012

Twitter features news for section Discover

By admin

The network of microblogging is becoming increasingly popular and, in their eagerness to attract the interest of new users, Twitter adds new features, this time within the Discover tab.

twitter discover tab

Now, when accessing your account on Twitter and click at Discover twin the top left of the screen and choose stories, you’ll see a series of content that you may find relevant, considering the profile of who you follow within the network of microblogging.

So without any further consideration, Twitter presents you stories that may interest you, with content customized to the tastes and activities that you have within the network. In addition, within each story shows you who owns or who your friends did them RT.

Apart from the personalized stories, you can also select content related to the Trending Topics of the day, both global and local. Along with this, presents suggestions of users who follow, something that previously was too, but is now also more specific.

The microblogging social network plans to further changes in its platform, and now the goal is to improve and enrich their mobile applications, vital, since Twitter users tend to use the service from their smartphones.