April 21, 2009

Twitter Job Search: A Way to Find Jobs Using Twitter

By admin

TwitterJobSearch is a search engine that attempts to allow job seekers to find jobs through Twitter. Created by WorkDigital, a London-based company, this allows you to do a quick keyword search and specify the location (eg. event planner in Chicago). According to their about page:

Until now, search engines for social media sites merely looked for words. We’re looking at context. We use semantic tools to look at what was said. We then look at what they’ve said before. We then look at who was saying it. If we do this right, we can figure out why they’re saying anything at all.

So does it work? I’ve tried running a search for ‘web designer in new york’ and you can see the results I’ve got below. As you can tell, some of the results point to ‘web developer’ positions so it’s not entirely 100% accurate.

twitter job search

I do like the idea though and it seems like a natural thing to do given the real-time speed of Twitter and how easily you can commnunicate with potential employers through it.

If the search doesn’t work for you, there’s a jobs browsing section as well which lists open opportunities according to each field. As a supplement to the topic of job search, Mashable has a great piece on finding jobs with Twitter.