December 14, 2012

Twitter launched 2012 page where you can relive the major events and history

By admin

Twitter has just announced the launch of a page called “2012 Year in Twitter” where story shows not only the year, but the most important thing that happened around the planet that had an impact in this information network.

twitter 2012 year

The page has the following sections:

Golden Tweets: The 2 top Tweets that generated more RTs in the year, plus a mention memorable for some other tweets that drew the attention around the world.

Pulse of the planet: Some of the most important conversations of the year which generated a lot of tweets and RTs.

Only on Twitter: Moments of serendipity and genius is just what Twitter calls #onlyontwitter. Listed examples of tweets that come alive organically and can be appreciated in an instant.

Trends: List of most significant trends of the year in the U.S., UK and Japan.

New Voices:
From the Pope to Pele, this year Twitter welcomed new voices from all corners of the planet.

Finally have a section called Your Year on Twitter, which when they follow the link of the same leads them to Vizify service that shows us our best times of the year 2012 on Twitter.