August 25, 2012

TwitterAudit: Another application to know the number of false followers

By admin

A few days ago we discuss on the Fakers application, which informs us the percentages of false, real, and inactive accounts that follow certain Twitter users and now we want to discuss on another similar web application called TwitterAudit.


TwitterAudit presents three major differences regarding Fakers, the first is that it gives the number of inactive accounts. These accounts are taken as real, which in reality if they are, are not bots, but they are accounts that are of no use, since it is hearing that our message does not reach them.

The second difference is that the report does not occur instantly. This site takes about 3 hours to deliver results.

The third difference has to do with the procedure, which although it was similar in both, TwitterAudit takes a sample much more significant than fakers. The sample of TwitterAudit is 5,000 followers, while fakers take only 500.

With this sample calculate the score of the account, which is based on the number of tweets, the date of last tweet and the ratio of followers and friends. That score allows you to determine if an account is true or it is very likely to be a bot.

They explain that the method is not perfect, but it is a guide to see if one has a huge following, it is likely that many of them have gotten so inorganic, fraudulently or dishonestly.