June 21, 2012

Twtu.be: Twitter all your favorite videos

By admin

It is no secret that Twitter has become a favorite tool of regular Internet users and in many cases that use the Internet sporadically to search anyone. This is due to the large number of people who daily come to the social network and uses the 140 characters per message that assigned to share interesting things.

Tweet favorite videos

Well considering that some people developed a very interesting application for us to Tweet our favorite videos and share them with all our fans so as simple as sharing a simple link to the desired video.

It’s Twtu.be; an effective tool for this purpose and which has been created keeping in mind share the videos that we’re seeing at any time via Twitter. Simply to insert into the box Twtu.be, the direction of the video and this immediately gives us the shortened address to enter the video you want to share.

As you can see basically a Youtube videos URL shortening service, the only difference is that the link will let you see the video in the page of this application.