November 16, 2011

Who are the ten people with more followers on Twitter

By admin

Twitter, ceased to be a little massive social network, to become a place where people of all ages the world and take advantage of making known what they think, besides having an intimate knowledge of the people who admire.

twitter Lady Gaga

On Twitter, it is possible to follow users to see what you post. There are ten peoples who glow in the network. Today, we present the list of ten people with more followers on Twitter.

Lady Gaga: The singer is the queen of social networking and, obviously, should be at the top of the list.

Justin Bieber: The interpreter Baby and impossible love of every girl between 8 to 16 years, ranks second as the person with the most followers on Twitter, nipping at the feet of Lady Gaga.

Barack Obama: With all the problems it faces, the President of the United States takes the bronze in the most important twitter.

Katy Perry: The singer famous throughout the world, also has a special place among twitterer.

Kim Kardashian: Little known in these parts, in the U.S. is one of the most famous celebrities thanks to her reality show, which makes it close the list of the five most popular.

Britney Spears: Already in the middle of the table, he always controversial artist is also the micro-blogging figure.

Shakira: The only latina in the list, looks for their appreciative comments and exclusive photos, with a well-deserved seventh place.

Taylor Swift: The young artist, occupying the eighth place among the most popular of 140 characters.

Ashton Kutcher: Who had the pleasure of being the first person with more than one million followers on Twitter, has lost some popularity, relegated to ninth place.

Rihanna: Close the other artist listed may not controversial and well known in these parts, which takes tenth place.