November 21, 2011

Themeleon: A tool to customize the Twitter background

By admin

Although in a completely different classification, Twitter has continued its upgrade work, increasingly allowing certain functions that were previously impossible, such as the ability to share pictures, music and even videos using complementary tools in the confined space of the comment box on the network. Over time, it has maintained its simple and austere interface, for its basic and simple elements, creates a space for personalization, if you’re creative enough.

ColourLovers for twitter

ColourLovers is a web site devoted to the topic of colors, in all its fields, and recently submitted a Twitter background customization tool. The online application is called Themeleon and is extremely easy to use, simultaneously presenting the final result simultaneously, so that the user can decide which design, color palette, and pattern used in your account.

  • By entering Themeleon, the site asks you to enter your Twitter account, using your password and username.
  • Themeleon becomes a complement to your Twitter account and presents you with options to customize your space. You can choose from the Theme section, Backgrounds and Layouts.
  • The themes have a specific design to add to your account without having to make major changes; the funds can be modified, changing patterns that compose or raising an own image from the desktop of your computer. Finally, the Layouts section, has several different color palettes so that you can choose the combinations that best suit your personality and what you want that other people perceive you.
  • Once you’ve decided how you will get your Twitter profile, just give the button “Save Profile”.

The website ColourLovers has a virtual tour so that you know all your options. Go ahead and change the layout of your Twitter account.