April 29, 2012

Write longer messages in Twitter with TwitLonger

By admin

Sometimes 140 characters are too few to express our ideas, news or comment on any news, but the social network Twitter, is all the space we have to write, must find a way to shorten messages.


Do not return to stop those few characters limit what you mean, which is to help the service Twitlonger, through which you can send tweets extensive-free way.

How it works? If you need to send a message longer than 140 characters, all you have to do is enter the TwitLonger site and give permission to access your account. Now write what you want and the service is responsible for sending it.

Your contacts see the first 140 characters of what you wrote, followed by an address which can access to view the entire tweet without having to bomb a large number of messages followed, and now everything fits into one.