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Five Real-Time Ways to Find Twitter Users Near You

April 26, 2009 Twitter Keyword Trackers, Twitter Search Engines, Twitter Tools and Apps

There are several ways to find out who is tweeting near your location.. apart from searching on Twitter ranking lists, you can do a real-time scan of tweets using several tools. Here are some ways you can find Twitter users near you! Twitter Advanced Search Twitter’s very own Advanced Search gives you the option of […]

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MyTweet16: Read Any Twitter User’s First Tweets

April 26, 2009 Twitter Culture

Ever wanted to find out what someone’s first words were on Twitter? Now you can with MyTweet16, a tool which shows you the first 16 tweets ever made by any user.

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Twitter Magnets: Create Poetry and Share it on Twitter!

April 24, 2009 Twitter Tools and Apps

I’ve seen quite a few Twitter apps and tools out there but never quite anything like Twitter Magnets, a website that allows you to create poetry using cutups of words that you can click and drag into a writing pad. Much like magnetic poetry tiles, the ones you can use to leave cryptic messages on […]

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TweetStats: Get Statistics on How You Use Twitter

April 24, 2009 Twitter Analytics

Tweetstats is one of the earliest Twitter analytic tools to be developed and its still fairly popular for good reason. Just by entering your Twitter username you’ll be given several colorful graphs which show how many tweets you make per hour or month, which day you tweet the most, what platform you use to tweet […]

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How to Easily Read All Your Twitter Friend Updates

April 24, 2009 Twitter Tips

Ever wanted to easily find out what all your Twitter friends are doing right now? It would be great if there was a way to scan through updates and see what’s happening with a glance. Now you can with Twitter for Busy People, a simple web-based tool that arranges all your Twitter friends in a […]

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Qwitter: Find Out Who Unfollows You on Twitter

April 23, 2009 Twitter Tools and Apps

Qwitter is a very simple free tool which sends you an email when someone stops following you on Twitter. It even gives you the exact tweet which might have possibly caused you to be unfollow. Just enter your username and email to get set up. No need for passwords. I think you should probably take […]

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Find Twitter Users that You Share in Common With Others

April 23, 2009 Twitter Tools and Apps, Twitter Users

Who Follows Whom is a simple Twitter tool that allows you to discover the Twitter users that are followed by or following specific users. By entering several usernames (at least two) in the tool, you will be able to find out who they are following in common and who follows them as well.

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The Fastest Way to Check Who is Following You on Twitter

April 22, 2009 Managing Twitter Friends and Followers, Twitter Tools and Apps

Friendorfollow is a very simple Twitter web-based tool which does a few things: find out how many people are not following you back. As well as who is following you but aren’t being followed by you. You can then sort them according factors like Name, Location, Followers and even account age.

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Twibes: Recommend Twitter Users to Follow

April 22, 2009 Twitter Tools and Apps

Twibes helps you to recommend people you follow on Twitter to your Twitter followers. By logging in, you can pick and choose 5 names by clicking on their avatars or type in their full username. After which, Twibes will allow you to send an update to your Twitter account with one click. Your followers will […]

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How to Add a Retweet Button to the Twitter Web Interface

April 22, 2009 Twitter Tips

‘Retweeting’ is the process of sharing a tweet that you like with your Twitter followers. Basically this involves copying and pasting the whole tweet in your tweet box and adding a ‘RT’ in front of the tweet or a ‘via’ at the back of the tweet.

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