received the best news from your Twitter stream, Facebook, Google Reader and LinkedIn

Social Networking

After a private beta for a few months and 20,000 people testing the service, opens its doors to the general public.

This is a web application for curing content and receives the most important news from your social media streams. In short this service sends you email with important news from Twitter, Facebooks, Google Reader and LinkedIn. You can configure several shipments a day.

This newsletter can also be viewed on the website of the service through your account on the service.

You only have to register, connecting with some of the credentials of the four services named above, wait for it to generate the bulletin and finally enter your account settings to add other services.

You can also set the days and time want to receive the newsletter with news and we can receive emails with news several times a day.

Topics and the importance of each, it is another of the important points to keep in mind when setting up the account, for news that really matter to us most.

We hope to add more features, such as e.g. more sources of news and more news through newsletter, since it’s only sent 10 or 12 links.


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