How to close a Twitter account

Twitter Tips

In the present, Twitter is one of the best tools of communication, opening a world of possibilities to interact on the network. But sometimes, we close our account and start with a new or simply disappear from Microblogging.

delete twitter account

Today, we bring a complete tutorial where, step by step, learn how to delete your Twitter account.

The first thing to do is to click on your name on the top right corner of the screen and click on Configuration. Now, down to the bottom of the screen and see a link named Cancel your Account.

Click on it and you’ll see a Twitter page where explain that it is a permanent action. If you insurance want to delete your account, down to the bottom of the page and click on Okay, fine, delete my account.

Delete a Twitter account is permanent and it is possible that your page and tweets available on the Internet for a few days. Similarly, the information that Google has stored in its cache will still be there, no matter that the page no longer accessible.


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