How to remove applications from Twitter

Twitter Tips

Around Twitter, there are a number of applications developed by third parties, to provide extra services to users of this social network, and so that they work, we give them special permission to access our profile.

remove applications from Twitter

Either because we install many or to protect your privacy, often wish to remove these applications and, today, we are going to teach you how.

First, you enter the Twitter page and login with your username and password. Now, click on the arrow that is next to your name and avatar, selecting Configuration.

Click on the tab Applications. it is the last to the right. There, you will see a list of all applications you have installed. Believe that the number will surprise you. You’ll see a button that says revoke access is displayed next to each one.

To delete each application, you can click on Revoke Access. The process is individual and you will have to repeat it in all the applications that you don’t already want to have within Twitter. If you repent, click on Undo Revoke Access.

Ready, and you deleted those applications that extra hassle you. We recommend you follow this procedure from time to time, and so you make sure the security and privacy of your Twitter.


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