Natter: Synchronize data from Facebook and Twitter

Twitter Tools and Apps


If you are one person who is caught between 2 worlds most popular social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, this application may be right for you, since this is synchronized between Facebook and Twitter for similarly can publish the same data between these two social networks, namely the comments you post on your Facebook wall will be published in the time line of Twitter, as long as they meet the required words (140 or less), and tweets that post in your time line may also be posted on Facebook, all automatically by Natter.

Natter is one of those tools or applications that are worth providing some attention, since each time it becomes more important the fact of having one greater integration between social networks of this type, such as they are a robust way to get free traffic and sometimes qualified to be probable, prospect of sale, users and in addition friends also strategic that you can have success on the web.


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