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The Origins and History of Twitter

Twitter News

Here’s a great article about how Twitter was born from the trials and tribulations of a group of young entrepreneurs. Written by one of the early developers of Twitter, this is inspirational for startups and showcases how an idea can be translated into a worthy web service with some hard work. The picture above shows […]

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Twitter Venn: Visualizing the Relationship Between Words

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Twitter Venn takes two or three search terms and creates a Venn Diagram showing the rate of tweets containing the search terms in the various combinations. A tag cloud can also be shown for one of the regions. This is one of the more interesting Twitter visualization tools. It tracks the usage of specific words […]

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Republican politicians embrace Twitter as a tool

Twitter Users

The Washington Post has a story about how the Republican party in America is currently embracing Twitter as a form of reaching voters and supporters. As the Republican Party rebuilds after its defeat at the polls in November, the discussion has centered not so much on honing its message as on messaging — on Twitter, […]

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A Business Strategy for Using Twitter

Twitter Tips

Ogilvy has a simple diagram on how twitter can be used as part of a PR strategy. The gist of it is simple: monitor and follow people who are either your target market or people who can influence or affect your business.

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Twistori: An ending stream of Twitter intimacy

Twitter visualizations

The public display of emotions has increased in the digital age. It’s all so accelerated nowadays. Words and individual expression come pouring out like water into the ears of anyone who is willing to hear, even when there is no intended audience. Twitter is like blogs on steroids when it comes to sharing of individual […]

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