January 18, 2012

Abbreviations Guide to not miss on Twitter

By admin

The 140 characters that gives us the microblogging network for each message type, have led to all kinds of abbreviations that allow us to optimize the space we use in Twitter. Some refer to features of the site, others recognized technology brands and most express different moods and emotions.

abbreviations twitter

If you are a regular user of Twitter will recognize most of these abbreviations, if you’re a newbie, this post could become a great guide.

Related to the site:

RT: ReTweet. This is a message that has been forwarded by different users. When a tweet begins with this short, means it was retweet. The user name that follows the RT is the author of the message.

MT: Modified Tweet. This indicates that any changes made to the original message.

PRT: Partial retweet. It means that the tweet was shortened by the user who retweet.

RTRL: Retweet Real Life. This is a message taken from a conversation in real life.

DM: Direct Message. This is the way private communicate on Twitter.

@ User: When you respond to a particular user and start the tweet with her name, only the common followers can see that message. If you want that everyone can read it, add a point or any other sign in front of the @.

TT: Trending Topic is the theme of time and refers to the terms discussed by users. They can be single words or labels (hashtag).

TL: TimeLine, is the chronology that we see on the main screen of Twitter messages appear where people follow.

CC: Carbon Copy, its used in the same manner as in the email. That abbreviation when you add a user to view a tweet. Write the tweet and place “user @ cc”. So, that tweet will be saved between the entries of that person.

FF: Follow Friday
. A tradition of each Friday, the users spend to recommend to others that are interesting to follow. When you recommend, is to explain the reasons and not to mention too many users on a single tweet.

FA: Follow Always
. Expression used to recommend follow someone passionately.

NSFW: Not Safe For Work. Indicates that the link in that tweet can be dangerous to look at work, well because it has sound, either because the content is not appropriate.

PDF: Postscript Portable Document Format. Type of document that resembles a digital copy of a printed document. Indicates that the content of a link is in this format.

Via: Antecedents to user @ that we received the information. The data referred not always come from a tweet, but can be extracted from a blog, a book or other social network.


  • LOL: Laughing Out Loud Or laughing.
  • WTF: What The F …!, Expressed surprise at something unexpected, surreal and hard to believe.
  • OMG: Oh My God!
  • THX: Thanks or thank you.
  • FTF or F2F: Face to Face or face to face
  • NP: No problem.
  • PLZ: Please.
  • ROFL: Rolling On Floor Laughing or rolling on the floor with laughter, indicating something very funny.
  • FYI: For Your Information or for more details. Usually this data that could be important for one or more specific users.