November 13, 2012

Do you need to do a survey? Here are 5 best web apps for Twitter

By admin

One of the most important things that Twitter offers indirectly, is the ability to ask questions to our fans to hear their thoughts on various topics.

survey via twitter

The problem is that it is sometimes difficult to follow the responses we received when many are responding. Therefore, in such cases, it is good to use any of the free web applications that allow you to create surveys.

Most of these applications for Twitter are very simple to use and fast, but some have more features than others and in some cases do allow a deeper analysis of the results of these surveys.

Here is the 5 of the best web applications to conduct surveys via Twitter.

Here you can create a poll, send a tweet that includes a link to it. Those who want to participate can follow the link and answer the questions by checking the appropriate box. It also offer the appropriate code to embed the survey on your website or blog.

Another interesting service that allows conducting surveys via Twitter, adding media like Youtube videos and pictures. The survey is carried by both the TwitPolls site like Twitter.

One of the most simple and fast services to carry out a survey through Twitter. Displays real-time results.

This service provides analysis of the surveys, real-time results and integration with Facebook Open Graph. It can also easily embed the survey in any website or blog.

Another easy application, simple and quick to create surveys that allows responders, choose one of up to four answers.