January 6, 2012

Feather helps you Tweet of an elegant way and orginal from Google Chrome and Safari

By admin

Although Twitter has a simple interface and has been transformed and updated several times, we can say that not all users like, so independent web developers have created extensions for different browsers, so you have a different touch and more in keeping with the personal tastes of each person.


Feather is an extension created by Chris Masterson, as an alternative way of using the Twitter platform, with a better cleaner and more elegant interface. It is compatible only with Safari and Google Chrome browsers.

Among the features that differentiate it from other extensions for Twitter for as for example Tweetfilter and Twitter for Safari, are:

  1. After an analysis of old and new elements in the top bar (top), Feather shows an updated version of the same using the best of the past.
  2. The graphics and information over that thing brings no more interest to users, are eliminated with this extension, presenting only those that are summarized to the point.
  3. One of the least attractive of Twitter is the box to respond (reply), so Feather adds a new look with a sleek design that is more in line with the rest of the interface.

To download this extension simply go to Feather website and locate the download buttons in the version 2.1, for each of the supported browsers: Safari and Chrome. If you ever decide you do not like using this extension, you must go to menu Extension of browser that you use and disable a Feather. Immediately, the original interface will appear on your Twitter account. The same happens if you use another browser that is not Safari or Chrome, because it only works with them.