June 26, 2012

PowerInbox: Social networking from your email inbox

By admin

PowerInbox is an interesting tool that enhances your inbox email and lets you enjoy a different social experience. To realize its work available to the users extensions for Chrome, Firefox, RockMelt and Outlook.


Using the extensions, a box is added to your email from where you can read messages from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Groupon, and offers the possibility to interact. In Facebook you can comment and view videos, you can tweet on Twitter and follow new users, Google+ add people to your Groupon circles and you will see a countdown of the job postings.

With PowerInbox can integrate information from social networks in one place, totally comfortable with the ability to interact dynamically. This saves time and gain productivity.

The tool is free, supports Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail and is very useful for whom use social networks extensively.