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Twitter for Android Experiment: Users of Twitter app for Android can be run as beta testers

August 30, 2013 Twitter Tools and Apps

Late last June Facebook began a program that allows users to be beta tester of their applications for Android. It is a way of helping the social network, since there are so many different terminals with Android and being so fragmented, it helps them find bugs much faster than if they do in the laboratory […]

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Twitter updates its Web apps, iOS and Android, with improvements in conversations and function to report abuse

August 28, 2013 Twitter News

Twitter just announced that it updated its Web, iOS and Android applications, introducing some significant improvements as talks and a function to report abuse and spam. Regarding the talks now have a new look, and users can now realize a conversation between people who follow, thanks to a blue line on the timeline. In conversation […]

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August 24, 2013 Twitter Tools and Apps

The use of hashtags on Twitter are very important, because you can create a key to distinguish between millions and millions of words flowing like a river of word knowledge. To be used by users of this social network, it begins to generate a trend that can be followed by other users.

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Study shows how brands use Twitter

August 21, 2013 Twitter News

According to a study conducted by Brandwatch, 97% of major brands are using Twitter in 2013, which is a sharp increase from 2011, in which only 62% of the marks used this information network and an increase of 7% compared to 2012 that was 90%. The study involved a survey involving 250 leading brands in […]

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Retweet Lab: New free tool from HubSpot to analyze Twitter account

August 19, 2013 Twitter Tools and Apps

HubSpot has just launched a new free tool called Retweet Lab, which allows you to analyze a Twitter account to know different characteristics that make a tweet to get more or less Retweets. To use this web application only need to authorize it in Twitter and within seconds provides a report with graphs showing different […]

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Twitter launches Twitter University to train engineers with the best tools and techniques available

August 15, 2013 Twitter News

After working for several months with the company Marakana, specializing in organizing Open Source trainings, Twitter decided to buy the same and in turn launch Twitter University. With this release the goal of Twitter is to assist in the training of engineers and that they in turn can educate others, with the best tools and […]

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Twitter #Music for iOS now includes more ways to discover music

August 12, 2013 Twitter Culture

Twitter just released an update to its mobile app for iOS, Twitter #Music, which includes new ways to discover music. Listening to the best songs, like artists and artists that follows user’s favorite artists are some of the parameters used Twitter to let us know new music.

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Twitter facilitates the search for photos on mobile application

August 9, 2013 Twitter Tools and Apps

Microblogging network twitter announced enhancements to the access check and added a gallery of images in the search menu in mobile application for devices running Android and iOS operating systems. In its official blog, Twitter announced three improvements you have included in application updates for IOS and Android. Access Verification: From now on Twitter and […]

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JustUnfollow renewed launches iOS and Android app for managing Twitter and Instagram followers

August 8, 2013 Twitter Tools and Apps

JustUnfollow is a free mobile application for iOS and Android that lets you manage your followers in Twitter and Instagram accounts. Today launched a completely revamped version for both platforms, much easier to use than the previous version. With JustUnfollow can see who left to follow them, who follows them, who began to follow and […]

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Twitter update for Windows 8 to manage multiple accounts and lists

July 30, 2013 Twitter News

Twitter just updated their application to Windows 8 with the inclusion of lists and multiple accounts management. This last is essential, as there are many users who need to manage more than one account. Another important feature included in this update is the ability to punch lists and user profiles in the home screen. In […]

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