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Twitterfall is an Excellent Keyword-Based Tweet Tracker

Twitter Search Engines, Twitter Tools and Apps

Twitterfall is quite possibly the best Twitter keyword tracking tool I’ve seen so far. It’s got a simple interface but packs a lot of features. You can change the speed of the tweet stream from 0.5 tweets per second to a dizzy 10 tweets per second. In terms of tracking you can choose the specific […]

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A Better Twitter Search Experience is Coming

Twitter News

Twitter news of the day. Better search integration to come. Biz at the official Twitter blog talks about testing a new interface which places search and trend features currently found on the Twitter Search page in the top corner of each profile. I’m just wondering… why only now? Many people have been clamoring for an […]

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Twitter Users Protest Against New Zealand Internet Law

Twitter Culture

Interesting to see how group behavior on Twitter easily spreads in support of a cause. Recently, many Twitter users are replacing their avatars with black squares to protest the New Zealand government internet proposals. Guardian has more: It turns out that this isn’t the result of a malicious hacker or even a random technical fault. […]

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Twitter is Not Just About What You’re Doing Now

Twitter Tips, Twitter Users

Twitter is a tool to broadcast messages to people you know and people you don’t know. At the heart of it is the central problem of what to tweet. What should you write and what should you say? What do you want to transmit or share that represents who you are? What do you want […]

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TwitterFriends Helps You Rediscover Your Twitter Network

Twitter Analytics, Twitter Tools and Apps

Twitter friends is an analytics tool which gives you more information on your Twitter social network. What kind of information? Who messages you the most, who you talk to the most, the average number of daily tweets and even your average tweet length. It also allows you to retrieve an archive of all your conversations […]

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Friendbar Review: Streaming Your Twitter Friend Updates

Twitter Tools and Apps

Friendbar is a Firefox toolbar addon that displays a stream of text and photo updates from your Twitter and Facebook friends. After installing it and logging in, you’ll only see your Twitter friend updates but you can reply or retweet them using the toolbar. It also helps to create a tiny URL for the webpage […]

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Twestival: A Gathering of Twitter Communities for Charity

Twitter Culture, Twitter News

Twestival is a series of community gatherings featuring Twitter users worldwide on the 12th of February 2009. The goal of this is to bring together Twitter users locally for an evening of fun and also to raise money for charity. Basically, what you can do is to check out the city sites listed on their […]

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3 Ways to Work Within Twitter’s 140 Characters Limit

Twitter Tips

As you probably know, Twitter has a limit of 140 characters for each ‘tweet’ and this forced brevity not only reduces the amount of time to make a tweet but encourages users to tweet often in regular intervals. Sometimes you might encounter the problem of having too much to say: at this time, the character […]

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Dangerous Clickjacking Hack for Twitter Revealed

Twitter Security

Did you know that clicking on an innocent link on a webpage while logged into Twitter allows a malicious cracker to update your Twitter status without you knowing? This links is usually invisible or placed under a commonly used button. This is known as click jacking. An example of clickjacking on Twitter was revealed by […]

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Twictionary: A Wiki Dictionary for Twitter

Twitter Culture

Just came across the Twictionary, a dictionary while compiles terms commonly used on Twitter or by Twitter users. It’s great to see the community coming together to collaborate on documentation the urban language of Twitterverse (that’s one of the terms listed).

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