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Twitter reaches over 500 million users

Twitter News, Twitter Users

Twitter growth is increasing since 2006 when it was released and as recent data highlights that reached over 500 million users. It is also important that the estimates show that every second add 10 new users, so it remains the second most used social network. The daily number of users who are logged in this […]

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2012 reached 16.000 Twitter tweets per second

Twitter Analytics

One of the interesting facts about Twitter is precisely that with the arrival of 2012 will reach a record high of 16,000 tweets per second, representing more than double last year, a situation which certainly every year will become a relevant fact of this social network primarily by the continued growth of this platform. For […]

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Conduct surveys on Twitter with PollMyTweets

Twitter Tools and Apps, Twitter visualizations

One alternative to be found to conduct surveys on Twitter is just the online application called PollMyTweets, this tool provides a way to send requests to the Twitter followers to participate in a survey in a very quick and easy way. The procedures for using this function is very simple and basically consists of input […]

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Find top twitter accounts

Twitter Search Engines, Twitter Tools and Apps

To find Twitter Top user accounts Followformation can enter an online tool that allows to know the most popular Twitter accounts according to topics of interest and categories such as celebrities, sports, music, travel, technology and more like a option according to a city or location. So that is a simplified way to add users […]

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TimiKiwi allows you to create timelines of Twitter, Instagram and blogs

Twitter Tools and Apps

Some web tools are essential, some funny and some curious, but can be very useful. This is the case of TimiKiwi, a small application that lets you view a timeline of our publications on Twitter, Instagram, WordPress and Posterous. It is a very handy tool to show the development of a particular story. You talked […]

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Blether to start a private chat on Twitter

Managing Twitter Friends and Followers

Twitter is definitely a social network that revolutionized the way to communicate virtually; with over 100 million monthly users, of which 50% goes to their profile at least once a day, Twitter is emerging as a unique platform in its style with little direct competition. It is worth saying that the 55% most active users, […]

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