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RumbleTalk: add chat to your Blog or Facebook Page

Social Networking

If you manage a busy blog or manage a website of a company or a facebook page of a venture, can offer visitors the opportunity to talk or chat and form a true community. And that’s when you can use free tool that inserts a window for dialog allowing you to use the credentials of […]

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More than 1.4% of Twitter users shows antisocial tendencies

Twitter News

Interestingly, social networks are so called because they serve to communicate with others, generating virtual ties but, behind a screen is another reality. A study in England found that 1.4% of Twitter users showed some form of antisocial behavior, which range from narcissism to psychopathy, to other disorders. To do this, a group of scientists […]

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Social Networking

After a private beta for a few months and 20,000 people testing the service, opens its doors to the general public. This is a web application for curing content and receives the most important news from your social media streams. In short this service sends you email with important news from Twitter, Facebooks, Google […]

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Topsy Free Analytics: free analysis of activity and links on Twitter

Twitter Analytics, Twitter Tools and Apps

Topsy has just released a free tool called Topsy Free Analytics, to analyze and compare up to three different keywords which may include domains, hashtags and even usernames. This tool can get to look at the billions of posts, pages and public tweets. The search can be done at a specific time range that can […]

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Tumblr removes the option to find friends on Twitter

Social Networking, Twitter News

Tumblr has removed to Twitter as a source to find friends due to restrictions imposed to its API, which announced a few days ago, a decision that has been in a bad mood to multiple developers. The user of Tumblr is very disappointed with the action taken by Twitter that did not take into account […]

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Bioischanged: lets you know which of your twitter contacts changed their bio and avatar

Twitter Tools and Apps

Bioischanged is a web application that lets you know when one of your contacts changes their bio and their profile picture. To use this application only connect to twitter from the website, authorizing the application and automatically starts searching for the bios and profile picture of your friends that have been modified. Once you find […]

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