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How to develop an audience on Social Networks

September 8, 2018 Social Networking

Developing an audience on social networks requires a little research, intuition and creativity. It is no secret, the better we know our audience, the better we will develop relationships with them and the stronger the relationships, the greater the chances of doing business with them. So everything starts with knowing our audience. How? You cannot […]

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Communication errors in Social Networks

September 3, 2018 Social Networking

Social networks are basically a communication channel, where users and brands talk through the content they generate, so we must avoid certain communication errors in social networks. One of the communication errors in social networks made by users, as well as by brands, is to send boring or excessively promotional messages. This simply causes others […]

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Twitter introduces QR code in Snapchat style to facilitate the discovery of accounts

November 20, 2016 Twitter News

Twitter has decided to launch a new style in Snapchat feature: from now users can create custom QR code to make it easier to discover new account and follow them. Remind suspiciously the Snapcode? Indeed Twitter QR codes represent a unique user code very similar to those of Snapchat, complete with lots of user profile […]

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Tools to Know Who Does Not Follow us on Twitter

September 12, 2016 Twitter Tools and Apps

When we manage a Twitter account, many times we would like to know who does not follow us on Twitter to find out why and see what we can improve to prevent users leave us to follow. Today we show 4 tools to discover who has left us to follow on Twitter. Crowdfireapp One of […]

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Twitter incorporates blue double check in their messages

September 10, 2016 Twitter News

Twitter continues to be updated with new – although not originals – features. If not long ago they eliminated the limit of 140 characters in the direct messages and added the possibility of sending them to different recipients at once, surprised us with a new feature that we do not know whether it will have […]

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Twitter closed 235,000 accounts to promote terrorism

August 18, 2016 Twitter News

The social network Twitter announced today that closed 235,000 accounts in the last six months as part of its fight against publications that promote terrorism. With the closing of these accounts, total suspended Twitter accounts rose to 360,000 for his terrorist content since mid-2015, according to the American company based in San Francisco. Twitter has […]

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Do you want to motivate conversations with your followers?

July 21, 2016 Twitter Tips

Do you want to motivate conversations with your followers? Do you want to generate greater commitment to them? In this article I share some ways to achieve this. Ask your community Do you want to motivate conversations with your followers, makes short simple questions, which are easy to answer; you will be surprised to see […]

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Twitter launches a form to verify accounts

July 20, 2016 Twitter News

Twitter announced that in the coming days will operate a form in which users can verify their accounts. Among the requirements that the company seeks to verify an account is the need to have a verified phone number, a confirmed e-mail, a biography, a profile photo, date of birth, a website and established tweets as […]

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Promoting Your Website on Twitter

May 2, 2016 Twitter Tips

You’ve done everything right in starting a business: you’ve bought your domain name registration, built your website and have a target audience in mind to drive more traffic your way. So how can you use a social media platform like Twitter to get even more website traffic? There are many options Twitter can provide for […]

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Marketing Tips on Twitter

April 2, 2016 Twitter Tips

It is always good to remember some marketing tips on Twitter that can help you in your strategies and to take full advantage of this platform. Remember to leave space in your tweets While one of the biggest challenges in the use of Twitter is its 140 character, your challenge should be not to use […]

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