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Twitter launches a form to verify accounts

July 20, 2016 Twitter News

Twitter announced that in the coming days will operate a form in which users can verify their accounts. Among the requirements that the company seeks to verify an account is the need to have a verified phone number, a confirmed e-mail, a biography, a profile photo, date of birth, a website and established tweets as […]

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Promoting Your Website on Twitter

May 2, 2016 Twitter Tips

You’ve done everything right in starting a business: you’ve bought your domain name registration, built your website and have a target audience in mind to drive more traffic your way. So how can you use a social media platform like Twitter to get even more website traffic? There are many options Twitter can provide for […]

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Marketing Tips on Twitter

April 2, 2016 Twitter Tips

It is always good to remember some marketing tips on Twitter that can help you in your strategies and to take full advantage of this platform. Remember to leave space in your tweets While one of the biggest challenges in the use of Twitter is its 140 character, your challenge should be not to use […]

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Twitter modifies the chronological order of the messages

February 11, 2016 Twitter News

Twitter will begin to select and display the most relevant content for each user, a movement of “cure” that puts an end to the strict chronological order with which structured its “timeline”. First it was a rumor, then a small experiment, but it is a reality: Twitter put hand to the “timeline” of users to […]

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Five reasons why people do not follow you on Twitter

February 2, 2016 Twitter Tips

There is an erroneous belief that, as a matter of courtesy, to follow a user on Twitter he should follow you. Surely more than once you have made the inevitable question: “Why do not you follow me”. Everyone has their own way to filter out who to follow and who is not, but here are […]

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Twitter would increase its characters limit

January 5, 2016 Twitter News

Jack Dorsey’s team is currently testing the new feature called ‘Over 140’ characters (Beyond 140) and which is intended to expand the number of users, particularly for business communication. Tweets of 140 characters still appear, but for those of you with a larger size – up to 10,000 characters – will be in its entirety […]

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Twitter will change its classic star for the favorites to hearts

November 27, 2015 Twitter News

The “Favorite” are over; at least, as we knew until now. Twitter has made official the change in the form of favorite mark in a ‘Tweet’ or indicate that a video of Vine. From now will be clicking on a heart, as occurs in Periscope, also owned by Twitter, and in other social networks. Twitter […]

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Get Twitter Followers – The Secret Formula

November 21, 2015 Twitter Tips

Many people do not know how to use Twitter effectively, let alone get Twitter followers. Get Twitter followers will help to create a community around your business and your brand, which are potential customers and it is necessary to love them, retain them and keep your brand in their mind when they need your product […]

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A tool to share on Facebook and Twitter: Buffer App

November 16, 2015 Twitter Tools and Apps

Buffer App, as its name implies, stores the links you want to spread in social networks previously mentioned, shortens directly the URLs (for Twitter) and allows you to visualize how it will view your web publishing in the Zuckerberg network. The control panel allows you to: Decide what time will be sent the tweets and […]

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5 Practical Tips to Get More Retweets on Twitter

November 12, 2015 Twitter Tips

More retweets means more exposure, more traffic to your site and more conversions. It also helps you establish your influence and authority on Twitter. However, the number of retweets you get on Twitter depends upon the size of your following and lots of other factors. Going viral takes time and requires lots of patience and […]

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